Hopper 20 Cooler Bag

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- Colors: Tan, Green, & Orange

The Hide: 

- Similar materials and construction as high performance whitewater rafts 

- Liner is anti-microbial, mildew resistant, and FDA food-grade 

- RF-welded seams eliminate stitching, providing waterproof construction, with superior durability

- Heavy-duty EVA bottom adds stability and abrasion resistance 

The Zipper:

- RF-welded (not stitched) to the body for a leakproof seal 

- Constructed like zippers to found in survival suits, waders, and HazMat protective gear 

- Airtight to hold out the cold 

The Insulation: 

- Closed-cell NBR rubber foam is 1" thick on the bottom, offering far sides and 1.5" thick on the bottom, offering far superior cold holding to ordinary soft coolers 

The Capacity: 

- 4.6 Gallon capacity 

- Yeti recommends a 2-1 ice-to-contents ratio.